Friday, April 25, 2008

Paducah,meeting Dyehards

WOW it's been a busy week and today is already Friday. Only today and tomorrow to go and then on to Ohio for a class with Carol Soderlund at The Crow Barn. Many people didn't know that we were even there (The Shops on Park Ave) but they did find us. The first day was slow the second day picked up and yesterday was really good. This is an adventure I will never forget and hope to vend here in Paducah again in the years to come. My dh came with me but ended up sick so I have been going it alone yesterday and again today. He does come to releave me for lunch but other then that I am alone. The gals in the booth across from me are really nice and if I need a bathroom break they are happy to watch my booth.

Below are pictures of my booth and also pictures of me and meeting my online friends from my Dyeing group. It's always great to meet in person someone you talk with almost daily on line. Now you have a voice to put with a name and it makes it much more personal talking to them. The Dyehards are a group of women that enjoy dyeing fabric, swapping fabric and just talking to each other. We come from all over the world, The Netherlands, England, France, Canada and ofcourse the US. Several have meet in the past and we are always meeting in different places.

I did get to run through the main show on Tuesday evening but like I said run. We had only 2 hours to see everything and that just wasn't enough time.

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  1. This is so beautiful Judi, I love your booth and setup and the colours are amazing. Love seeing you and the girls as well. Hope the next two days are fantastic ones for you and you sells lots.