Sunday, May 18, 2008

MQS show

Last week was the MQS show. The shopping frenzy was really fun. They had 4 hours where there were no classes and only the merchants mall opened. I gave a 10% discount during that time and all the vendors were offering specials. This year it was aimed more towards the home-quilter and a lot of the guilds were invited to come out with a less expensive ticket rate to get in. My snowdyed fabric also was very popular at this show.
Here are a few pictures of my booth, not much different then at other shows. I'm glad to be home, now it's time for inventory. I don't have anymore shows until August and that one will be an AQS show in Nashville so I have all summer to dye and play and hopefully make a few different samples.

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  1. Beautiful as always Judi, I never get tired of seeing your booth.