Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where did the week go?

Last weekend we took a trip to IN to my mom's surprise 80th birthday party. I took two of my grandkids with me. My brother planned the party and it was my place to get my mom there. Below is a picture of my mom and my granddaughter.

My dh and I took my grandkids to Indiana State Park or also known as The Dunes. This was the kids first trip to see Lake Michigan and they loved playing in the water and the sand. We also took them to the nature center and let them play at the park. I hadn't been at this park since I was a kid. We were only in IN for two days but fun was had by all. When we returned home the peacocks were gone.

I did some snowdyeing this morning and also worked on my stacked posie quilt. I also went up to Columbia to get my sewing machine today.

Tomorrow we are expecting some bad weather so in a few days I will try some pole dyeing. My friend Barbara did some last week and told me how to do it. I love the way it turned out and want to try it. I'll post on it after I try it. The last few days it has rained everyday and the humidity has been really high they have been talking heat indexes.

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  1. Nice pictures Judi. I can picture being at the beach with the kids but the one of your mom and granddaughter is just beautiful. Your mom reminds me of John's mother with all the white hair and gorgeous smile.