Friday, May 30, 2008

Stacked Posie Supreme, Peacocks?

Today I was working on the Stacked Posie quilt when I got a phone call from my dh. He was telling me there were these two big birds out by our front deck and they weren't turkeys. He said there was one white one and one with a blue neck/head. I thought he was pulling my leg so I went out to see what there were. I was able to get within 3 feet of them. So finally I thought I had scared them off when I found them behind the house and I was watching them climb the steps going up to our back door. I told dh to grab the camera and he did they took off around back the studio and we found them on the front porch of the studio so we gave them some bird food. It looked like they were trying to get in my studio. What you think are they peacocks like we think they are? It sure makes us wonder where they came from.

Wednesday I went to the stacked posie supreme class. I made this much of it plus worked on more of the blocks. I really like this pattern it's a fun quilt and hope to get it done next week.


  1. Those are definitely peacocks. My son saw some in his yard a year or two ago. Not sure where they came from, but I think they can be purchased (our state farmers newsletter has them listed in the want ads every now and then.) If you want them to stay, I guess feed them. They can get very noisy.

  2. Hey Judi,

    Oh my GOD - I've never seen a white peacock!! They do get really noisy - but have cool feathers!!

    I love your pole dyeing!! Do you dance and dye?

    Looks like Debby beat me to the comment section - she's a trip!!

    Hugs to you - have a great day!!