Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Buy, dyeing

Well when I thought I was getting data recovery from my harddrive that crashed Best Buy in Jeff City Mo messed up again. We have been waiting ALL summer for the data recovery. Wondering what had happened to it dh starting a long line of calling people and getting pushed from one person to another until he was given someone that new what had happened with it. My dh called numerous people and finally found that it was received at Best Buy in Jeff City on July 24th by UPS. Well we were NEVER called that it was there and ready to pick up. We were told that they only keep items for 30 days and then pitch it. The people at Best Buy assured us someone would be looking for it and would call us. Well that was yesterday and we again haven't heard a word from them. We have left several messages with corporate office and NOBODY ever returns a phone call. We have had a bad taste in our mouth from Best Buy from the run around we have gotten in the past but this is really getting ridiculous. All I wanted was the recovery of my data from the old harddrive and now I have nothing. I know of a few people who will NEVER be purchasing anything else from this company.

On to dyeing, This past week I have been trying to do 12 yards of snowdyed fabric a day since I got home from the Nashville show. To date I do have 48 yards of snowdyed done and 50 yards of other pieces done but I only have 55 yards of fabric ironed so a little to get caught up with there. I would like to do 12 yards a day of the snowdyed for the next week. I still have to label all of it, some were cut in fat quarters and some were in half yards and the rest in yard pieces. I leave in another week to go to Madison,WI for the Quilt Expo put on by Nancy Zeman.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your computer Judi, they mucked up big time. I always had a bad feeling about them.