Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I have been doing

I have been asked just what I have been up to. Well as I've said I have been getting ready for the Madison show so I have been working on snowdyed fabric. Here are a few pictures I took today as the fabric dried. As you can see it was a pretty breezy day today but it was a gorgeous 84 degrees. I was one of those perfect days low humidity and gentle breeze. I also worked on a quilt top today using snowdyed fabric. I should have the top done tomorrow all except the border fabric which I will probably have to dye. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


  1. The pieces blowing in the wind makes me envious! I spent the day cooking BBQ for a friend's son's party and then heading down tomorrow for more BBQ stuff in Charleston, SC. But maybe I'll get some dyeing done soon I hope!
    Your stuff is wonderful as usual! And I hope you do well vending in Wisconsin! Safe Travels!

  2. Wonderful picture Judi, I can just imagine being there.