Wednesday, August 6, 2008

car windshields, dryers and woven table topper

What a day my dryer in the house not in my studio went out. It was full of condensation inside by the computerized buttons. No sure what caused this but they are saying $300 to fix it.

We had to have 2 that's right 2 not 1 windshield repaired in out vehicles today. My husband was cutting grass or was he cutting rocks anyways they flew and broke 2 windshields. So the guy came out this morning and replaced them. It sure was nice to have 0 deductible on them.

Back to dyeing and sewing. I have been working on this topper for the last few days. A few hours here and there, anyways this is woven and made out of tubes of fabrics. It took longer to make the tubes then it did to weave them. I really like how this came out and will also take this to Nashville for the AQS show. I'm just about ready to go, I have about 500 yards of one yard pieces ready, I have about 300-- 1/2 yard pieces and a around 225 snowdyed yard pieces. I also have fat quarters, bundles, scarves and patterns. I leave here on the 18Th so only a week and a half before I go.

Tomorrow starts the MO State Fair and if the weather holds we plan on going. Tomorrow is dollar day so all you pay to get in is $1, reg price is $6.


  1. oh my, that table topper is wonderful and I can't believe it's woven! I'd love to come help you in Nashville, but not this year. Too much going on with me. Maybe next year! Have fun and I hope you do well with the business!

  2. http://bunks.wordpress.comAugust 7, 2008 at 5:14 PM

    Wonderful table topper and I hope that you do really well in Nashville. Let us know how things go and don't forget the pictures.