Friday, September 26, 2008

flannel and overdyeing

I spent the last few days overdyeing some fabric and also dyeing flannel. Here are some pictures of the results I got. I love the flannel. I used navy and intense blue on these 4 pieces I also used different colors but those aren't ironed yet.

intense blue and navy

intense blue and navy

intense blue

These pieces were pieces of snowdyed fabric that really didn't have enough color and texture to them. They had turquoise in the color and turquoise doesn't like cold so I overdyed them parfait style. Believe it or not these pieces were all shades of a green or blue green. I really like the colors I got overdyeing them.


  1. Interesting, I like a couple of the greeny/blue ones.

  2. These are great too. I take it overdyeing is going back and dyeing again with another color?
    (I am really not informed on this one!)