Thursday, September 25, 2008

postcard, flowers

Today I worked on dyeing some flannel fabric. I did 9 yards of it. I also did some parfaits. No pictures right now but maybe tomorrow after it's all rinsed, dryed and ironed. I also got 100 yards of pfd fabric ups today. I'm starting tomorrow snowdyeing it for the next two show.

A friend of mine is in rehab for a brain aneurysm. I thought I would make her this postcard and mail it to her with some encouragement. She is doing so well already, I hope all her hard work pays off and she continues to improve daily.

Today was my birthday and my dh bought me these beautiful flowers. We usually go out for dinner but I had him make me dinner for a change. He made a meatloaf and it was really good.

Yesterday I thought I had to get up early and go have my blood drawn. Well today I found the paper before we went and it's not until next month. I can get my flu shot at the same time so that will kill two birds with one trip.

I took the socks to my granddaughter today and she loved them. The only problem was she had an orange outfit on and she wanted to wear the pink socks. I kept telling her she needed to either change her clothes or her socks but when I left she still had the pink socks and orange outfit on.


  1. She is an "Out of the Box" fashionesta Grandma!
    Reminds me of the time my 4 year old granddaughter wanted to put a different color binding on each side of the quilt. I started to say "no" but stopped myself.
    And you know what - she was right!

  2. At least she wanted to wear the socks Judi. Love the flowers they're so pretty and the postcard as well. I really admire people who make postcards but personally have no desire to try one myself.