Wednesday, September 24, 2008

socks, sateen. fall block exchange

Today was a rather prodductive day. I got all 12 of my blocks done for the block exchange on the dyehard runoff group. We were to make 6 blocks of each color way here are my blocks.

I love to dye sateen, it is such a beautiful fabric. Here are a few pieces I dyed yesterday and got washed out and ironed today. Just love the colors. I have a few more yards I can do but I'm not sure of colors yet for them.

These are the socks I dyed for my granddaughter yesterday. I will drop them off with her tomorrow.

Tomorrow's my birthday and I will get up early and go to get my blood work-up done. After that my dh will take me out for breakfast, we usually go for dinner but since the blood work-up is a fasting one I thought we would just go for breakfast. I'm hopeing to get some dyeing done tomorrow as well. I should be getting 100 yards of fabric in the mail tomorrow so then I can get it scoured and I can get more fabric snowdyed. I have 2 shows coming up one at the end of next week and the other the following week so I need to get this done this week and ready to go. These will be the last two shows of the year for me the next ones will be in March of next year.


  1. Love everything Judi especially the blocks. I'm just trying to figure out what colours to use. No one's picked purple so I think maybe that plus some green except I don't have much in the way of green....hmmm....what to do.

  2. Happy Birthday girl:) Everything looks beautiful! I LOVE your sateens:) Where do you get your fabric?

  3. Such yummy colors...your blocks look great and those sateens,,,yummy!!! I can't get over how much fabric you have dyed this! Love the socks too!