Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madison, Justin,vest

We made it to Madison yesterday. It sure is a lot cooler here then at home. We will get set up today and the show starts tomorrow. There wasn't any road construction until we hit 90 just outside of Rockford, IL.

I didn't get the vest finished since I had my grandkids all weekend. Baby Justin had blood in his diaper so mom took him to Children's hospital on Saturday. He had surgery on Monday the hole going from his stomach into his small intestines wasn't large enough they fixed that and he isn't spitting up anymore and he is eating well and is now home and doing great. I will get the vest finished maybe next week when we get back.

More later about the show.


  1. Great to hear your grandson is home and doing well! Did your husband go with you to the Madison show (you mention we.) Glad to hear you are doing well and I hope the show goes well.

  2. Your booth looks great (as usual) - I hope I'm as good as you are one of these days. Hope your husband is doing better! I am so very glad your grandson did well with the surgery. How frightening for everyone. He's been a real trooper!