Friday, September 5, 2008

this and that

It was a beautiful day here today. I got up early and snowdyed 12 yards of fabric so I could go with my dh to the big city of Columbia shopping today. On the way home we saw this going down the road. It kinda looks like a motorcycle going backwards but it did have a stirring wheel in it and looked like a one seater car.

I started working on a vest yesterday and I can't believe nobody has a 3/4" buckle. Everything was way big or the store didn't have any. I guess I'll just have to jerryrig something.

Only a few more days before I leave for Madison. I'm looking forward to doing this show. It will be a little different then the others I have vended at but should be loads of fun.

I'm still concerned about my dh's coudamin level. He has been going in weekly to have it checked and every time they check it it keeps going up instead of down. The doc wants it between 2 and 3. Well last Friday it was at 3.8 so they wanted him to change how he takes it. Today when they checked it it was 5.0 that is way to high a number. So they told him not to take any at all and on Monday they will check his blood again and go from there. I sure hope they get it leveled soon this can't be good for his blood being so thin. He has always called himself Mr.AC since he could wear shorts when it was 30 degrees out but not any more yesterday he actually had to turn the heat on in the car since he was so cold the outside temp was only 70 with the rain we got from Gustav.

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