Monday, December 15, 2008

eyecandy, storm

The storm we were expecting fizzled. We did get about 1/3" of ice and then just a dusting of snow on top of it but now it's the cold and windchill. Right now it's only 11 degress out. This time yesterday it was 56. Windchill is like 1 degree.

This is what a piece of ice-dyed fabric looks like while it is batching.

This is an ice dyed piece after it was batched, rinsed and ironed. I had used some boysenberry in it and you can see some of the specks that didn't dissolve. I have to remember to strain that color before using it.

These two pieces are snowdyed pieces. I used pumpkin spice and bright orange, you really can't tell the difference between the two colors.

This is a piece of ice-dyed fabric I did yesterday. You really can't see it but the background is a really light yellow and you can see the black and the other color in it. I really like this piece and will do this technique again.

Another snowdyed piece.

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  1. Judi,
    Love the piece you dyed with black or whatever. Beautiful!!!