Sunday, December 14, 2008

storm, snowdyed

The calm before the storm. It was a gorgeous day today the temp at 1:30 was 61 degrees out now it has started to rain and we are suppose to get freezing rain, sleet, and then snow we are under a winter storm watch until Tuesday night. Last I hear the amount they are predicting is 12". I sure hope we don't get thunder snow. If we do then we will have alot more snow then what they think we will get. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like out at 4:00pm.

Here are a few pieces of snowdyed I did yesterday. I did these a little different and really like what I got. The color I used was a black.


  1. Oh, I like those, Judi! Very cool to use black and see what it does. Those sure look like snow clouds. Hope you don't get too much.

  2. Love the snow-dyes! Did you notice how they echo the colors of the pre-storm landscape?

  3. Wow Judi,,that last piece looks like ocean waves,,love the effect you got from them.

  4. These are gorgeous, you do an awesome job.
    Good luck with the weather. It has been cold & windy here all day, not sure what it is supposed to do.

  5. This is the only reason I wished we had snow sometimes :-) I love the black fabric!

  6. Judi,
    Love the pieces dyed with black!!!!! Wonder what ProChem's stormy sky would do???? Might have to try that if or when I get back over to the studio and don't forget by the time I get there. We were -8, actual temp. last night when we came home around 10:00 p.m. It was -15 futher west.