Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow, iron

Last night we were under a winter storm watch. Well we had our first snow and it was only a dusting. This morning it was cold, windy and just plain nasty looking outside. We headed up to Columbia around 10:30 this morning and I took this picture as we left home. The temp was only 32 degrees when we left but it did warm up to 37 by late afternoon. I went to a quilt shop while I was in Columbia and bought myself another Oliso iron. This is my third one this year but I did get it for 15% off so that helped. The first one I had the heating unit went out and the people at Oliso were so good at getting me another one. Well over the summer the cord got wrapped around something and when I went to move whatever the cord was wrapped on it knocked the iron on the floor. The water tank broke and the lifter mechanism also broke, the little legs just kept going up and down. Well this iron can't be fixed and since it was my fault it got broke I saved my pennies until I got a great deal on another one and bought one today. After having surgery on my elbow this will be a big help in ironing all my beautiful handdyed fabric. I also got a new program called Quilt Cad this was also 15% off so I got two really good deals today.


  1. It looked just the same outside this morning here in Nebraska. Temps have been about the same too. You'd think it would be nicer farther south.

  2. We had a little snow Sat. night, and it was cold today here in Iowa. The temp started out at 28 and got up to 33..whoopee!!!It was windy too, which makes it feel really cold.

  3. Love your new blog header.
    The quilt and quilting are great.
    Is that your snow dyed fabric?

  4. Kudos and getting some great stuff at a discount, always feels good to save a dollar doesn't it?

    Your skies in that picture are a reflection of what I'm looking at right at the moment.

    Take care.

  5. That snow looks like what they call off school for around here in the south. What is Quilt Cad? I haven't heard about that program yet. What is it suppose to do? Let us know how it works for you!

  6. hihi ! from another 'near' Columbia !!! Your fabircs are neat! Ive lived here 4 years.... dont know a soul yet .. but theres plenty of room for chat and sewing machines at the table .

    watching the weather, I cant predict it down here. ~~K