Saturday, November 29, 2008

This and That

Thanksgiving is over and so is Black Friday. Did anyone venture out yesterday? I did for a little while, went to the mall and Walmart. I had no problems with parking or lines at either place.

Back to quilting today. I finally finished the quilt in the picture below. It took me 2 weeks to make the quilt top. A good friend is getting married on Dec 7 and this is their gift. I found out about the wedding about 2 1/2 weeks ago and with just having surgery 3 weeks ago I took my time in making it. It is a simple split nine patch, I took a layer cake and cut it in half both directions then added another fabric that went with it and used that as the middle square in all the blocks and made nine patches. I then cut the nine patches in half in both directions and turned two of the blocks outward. It really was quick and easy but I took my time and didn't overdo my arm. I now have it on my longarm and tomorrow I should finish quilting it and hopefully get it bound.
I haven't gotten my Christmas directions up yet since I can't lift anything heavy and my dh doesn't want to bring them in yet. It's raining today and we are expecting 1 to 2 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to snow yet but it's right on time. I looked back on my blog and see that on Dec 9th last year we had an ice storm and the 9th is only a week and a half away.


  1. Very nice, they will love it. I am glad your arm is doing well enough to quilt. That is great news.

  2. Looks good Judi, she'll be pleased to get a quilt for a gift, probably one of the nicer ones she'll receive.

    Take care of the arm.