Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more snowdyed

Today I finished making my thimbleberries quilt I have been working on all year, I got it on my longarm so I will get a picture after I get it quilted. That may not be until the weekend. I also snowdyed 9 more yards today.

I did more snowdyeing yesterday and these are a few of the pieces I did. This first piece I used turkey red and I just love the way this one separates.
More nickle.
This piece is lavender and one of my dh's favorite colors that I did.


  1. These are all really nice Judi but still the nickel calls to me. Interesting about the Turkey red as it looks more on the fuchsia side than orangish which I thought turkey red was. It's neat how they all separate out.

  2. WOW! You're so productive! All that snow dyeing, then knitting a hat which is adorable! and then you've got a quilt on your long arm.... All I've got is a mess in both my regular studio and my dye studio! Oh well, so the way my life seems to go! Someday though and until then I'll just enjoy all of your inspiration!

  3. Judi, just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Your dyed fabrics are just gorgeous! What a multi-talented lady! ;o)

  4. Those fabrics are so pretty. Love the movement in the colors.

  5. Hey Judi
    Big discussion in our group on snow dyeing as Carol Soderlund has spent the week with our guild. This weekend is a retreat in snowy Michigan, so some had the idea of snow dyeing. Of course your post was the place to look - thanks for posting to dyers list to help me find you.

    Very clever how you tip your plexiglass to let the snow drain. That was a big discussion - to drain or sit.

    Three of us are returning to The Barn for Dyers Mixing with Carol in April. Won't be the same in class without you!

    Thanks for the great pictures - visuals are a good thing.