Friday, January 23, 2009

new work bench, snowdyeing

This snowdyed piece I did on Wednesday and let it batch until today. The sunsets lately have had alot of pink in with the blues sky so I thought maybe old rose and sky blue would make a great snowdyed piece. This is how it turned out. I think I may try the sky blue with coral still for different sky pieces.
Today I didn't think I was going to get anything accomplished. Yesterday I was gone all day and I ended up buying a workbench. Judy Laquidara
had posted on her blog about the one she got and I got to thinking about getting one. I had a card table that I used when I was snowdyeing and I noticed that I was getting dye on some fabric that was sitting behind it on a shelf so I thought that this bench might work out well. I have about 2 feet behind it so I can get to what is on the shelves behind it and then I have plenty of room between it and my longarm. It has some great drawers with dividers in it so I can put some of my smaller things in it and maybe I will be able to find things. My dh put it together for me and I couldn't dye and I couldn't get the quilt on my longarm quilted so I just sorta puttered around. I got the workbench at Sam's Club for those of you who have asked.

Needs a few more drawers!!
5 hours later it's done!!

Already using it for snowdyeing!!!


  1. Where did you get this work bench? It really looks nice and very functional! I'm not sure if I have any more place for it, but I could make room...

  2. Wow this is great!!! I didn't see Judy's but those files are perfect for under the table. Lots of storage room and a nice surface to work on. Looks like you could use it to cut on too.

  3. Looks great! I love mine. Deb, it came from Sam's Club.

  4. Looks good Judi, Nice size as well. I'm still stuck in the laundry room working in the sink and on top of the washing machine.

  5. I've been searching for this workbench for the last 20 minutes...can't find featured online at Sam's or Costco's...but I'm loving those drawers! Could possibly solve my cutting table and fabric storage in one! Do you remember the brand name?

  6. Love the snow dyed piece. The turquoise piece that you sprinkled the dye on didn't seem to work too well. Would have to agree with you on the temp.
    The workbench looks great. Don't you just love those colored drawer units??!!