Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rusty Stuff, Trev's Quilt, Snowdyed

This is the last of the snowdyed I will be doing for the time being. I have approx 300 yards ready for the next 5 shows I have scheduled. I will be making more before the big Paducah show. This piece I did a little different first I mixed two colors together and then I added a little salt to the mix. I did get some different texture and patterning by adding the salt.
I'm taking a rusting class with Beth Wheeler and I needed to find some rusty objects. I went to my freecycle and asked if anyone had some small rusty stuff. I found a retired boilermaker that had lots of stuff and this is what he gave me. He also told me if I needed more that I had just skimmed the top of what he had. I hit the jackpot on some of the patterns in this stuff.
This is the border fabric and quilt I'm working on for my grandson for his 9th birthday. I saw a pattern in a Fon's and Porter Mag called diamond leaves, the darker fabric has guitars on it so I'm calling it diamond guitars. I made a colorwheel using the colors of fuschia, turquoise and sun yellow. The colors are just perfect with the color of the guitars.


  1. Wow, stunning quilt Judi, it "rocks".

  2. What a great find at freecycle and I love the quilt!!

  3. I will be watching to see what you do with the rusty stuff...and I love the quilt, very bright and fun!