Wednesday, March 18, 2009

doctor and dyeing

I took Marc to the spine specialist, they took xrays to make sure he hadn't broke anything and to see if the hardware in his back was still okay. They think he may have hurt his back when he fell while we were in Bloomington. They think he may have ruptured another disc so he goes for an mri tomorrow. Each one of these trips is an hour each way so it's another all day thing. We also need to go to Columbia shopping so will go after the mri. They did give him pain killers so he is feeling a little better.

Back to dyeing, besides all the running I have done yesterday and today I have been getting a little dyeing done. Today I did 2---12 step color wheels, 18 yards of snowdyed and did some parfaits and just played. I have 14 yards sitting there waiting for me to iron and I hope to get that done tomorrow late afternoon or evening along with rinsing out the snowdyed fabric I have sitting there.


  1. Judi I really hope Marc hasn't really damaged anything in his back. I admire you for still being able to squeese in so much dyeing. good luck to both of you.

  2. I'm hoping the surgery won't be to extensive Judi and that Marc can get back on his feet quickly.

    Be careful yourself with the lifting for the shows and try to get some help.

  3. Sorry to hear about DH's back...back pain is so hard to deal with since it affects your whole body.
    That is great that you can go home inbetween days at the next show. Should be a fun one since you know some who will attend. Have fun!