Tuesday, March 17, 2009

home again

We made it home yesterday evening from Texas. Today is just a beautiful 80 degree day here, the trees are blooming and budding, the crickets are singing and signs of spring are everywhere.

Some people should not be given a driver's license, I had heard of this before but had never seen it, we were driving through OK on our way home yesterday when we saw this guy driving south in the northbound lanes, we honked at him to try to get his attention and he just smiled and waved, we watch through our rear view mirror as he went on and others were honking and flashing their lights, this guy just kept going and waved at everyone as he went by. I sure hope nobody was hurt by this.

It seems like I spent a lot of time on the road today since everything is at least a 15 to 30 minute drive and tomorrow it will be an hour drive to take Marc to the doctor, living in the country has it's perks but when you have to go shop it is always an all day thing. Today was a busy day for me since Marc is unable to do very much he has been icing his back and resting a lot, I did the grocery shopping, laundry and got the mail and a little house cleaning to. I also was able to get 9 yards of fabric snowdyed and got dyes mixed up for tomorrow. While putting away the groceries we found that the shed had the power go out on us so everything in the freezer wasn't any good. We got the power going again and I tossed the food that had thawed. We had to reset the breakers and all worked after that but since I had frozen stuff I took it into my studio and put it in the freezer in there. I guess when it rains it pours around here. Tomorrow will be just as busy as I take Marc to the back doctor, I sure hop he does something for him as I haven't seen him in this much pain since before his first back surgery.

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