Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heritage Days Quilt Show, Bloomington, IN

We made it here to Bloomington, IN last night. It took us a little longer then we anticipated we had used our gps and it got us lost. It never told us to turn then all of a sudden it said recalculating so we had missed a turned somewhere, anyways around the block we went and finally got to our hotel. This morning I got all set up and below are a few pictures of my booth. I am in the annex from where the main show is at and I am the only handdyer so it should be a good show. I did take some time today and look at the quilts, the judges were still judging them and I thought I sure am glad I don't have that job. The quilt were absolutely beautiful, I had taken a ton of pictures but because of copyrite I choose not to show any of them on my blog. I know a lot of quilters get upset when they find their pictures published on other's blogs. Most of the quilts were art quilts and not to many of the traditional quilts. The show opens tomorrow and runs through Saturday. If you go to the show stop in and say hi and tell me read my blog and I'll give you 10% off your purchase.


  1. Booth looks nice. Hope you have a good weekend. Sadly I live too far to come.

  2. Gorgeous as always Judi, I hope the weekend goes well for you and you make up for the last show.