Monday, March 23, 2009

Warsaw, The Gatherin

Today was a beautiful 80 degree day, a little windy but nice most of the day. Now the wind has picked up and we are expecting some severe weather overnight and tomorrow. It looks like for The Gatherin next weekend it is going to be stormy. We started off with 300 people coming through that show and last year there were 1500, we are hoping for even more this year but with the weather who knows what will happen. A Lot of people don't like going out when there is rain or bad weather predicted. But I did hear from a lot of people I'll see you at The Gatherin. Some of you wonder what The Gatherin is, 3 years ago one of the shop owners decided to get other shop owners together and sell their products. It's kinda like a shop hop all in one building, it was such a success the first year that last year they opened up the lower level to more shop owners. There are no quilts here just a place to shop over 25 shops, there is free wine tasteing and the local guild will be selling food. So if your in the Stover, MO area be sure to stop in for a great shopping experience.

As I promised here are some pictures of my booth in Warsaw. The show wasn't bad but not real good either. There were about 350 people who came through the show, there were 41 quilts and 7 vendors. They were going for 45 quilts and 10 booths. A few of the vendors took two booths and one vendor cancelled at the last minute. Saturday was the busier of the two days and Sunday there were maybe 25 people that came through. I heard that a lot of people thought the show was Friday and Saturday so they came Friday and didn't come back on Sat or Sunday. The quilts were all beautiful and ribbons were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place also honorable mention.

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  1. Your booth looks nice, as usual. You got to spread out a bit at least.