Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After a warm 80 degree day yesterday we had severe weather with heavy rain and tornado warnings. This was the first time in 6 years that I have lived here heard the sirens go off in town. We headed next door to my studio where it was safer.

Today I got back to dyeing. I did 9 yards of snowdyed fabric, a color wheel and a gradation. Here are a couple pictures of the color-wheels I did last week.

Tomorrow I take Marc to have a shot of steroids put directly into his spine. They usually give him an epidural in the doctor's office but choose to do something different this time. We get up really early and head to Jeff City which is about an hour drive for a 7:30 am appointment. I sure hope this helps this time and they won't have to do surgery. The doctor doesn't want to go the surgery route at this time due to his past health history with the blood clots and heart in a-fib just this last August.


  1. These are beautiful Judi. We also had severe storms roll through here Monday night. I was teaching quilt class so luckily it is at the back of the store, we were safe and just kept sewing.
    There were some touchdowns about 30 miles away, and terribly strong winds.

  2. I hope the shot works well on Marc's back Judi and that he gets some pain relief quickly with it.

    I love the colour wheels what colours are they?