Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, Kaycee's 5th birthday

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Every year we have an easter egg hunt for the kids and this year was no exception. We did get it in before it started to rain which it did off and on most of the day. We also celebrated Kaycee's 5th birthday today and here are pictures I'd like to share of them.
And they are off!!!
Trevor, Kaycee and Ryan hunting eggs.

Tuesday is Kaycee's 5th birthday so we celebrated it today. Here she is with her birthday cake that mom made.
Kaycee loved the flowers I got for Valentine's day so her papaw got her 5 red rose one for each year.
A close up of Kaycee's rose.
There were only two things Kaycee wanted for her birthday and one was a mermaid barbie doll and the other was a set of drums. She was so happy when she got her doll.
Kaycee wanted drums for her birthday so we found a small inexpensive set for her to have at her house. Her and the boys all enjoyed playing them. Trevor was really good on them but the video I took came out on it's side and I can't figure out how to turn the video.
Ryan wanted to play the drums before Papaw had them put together.
Justin wanted a turn on the drums to!!


  1. Too cute Judi, the huge eyes as she was holding her doll, lol, priceless.

  2. My grandson's birthday was Tuesday too, and we celebrated it on Easter. He turned six.