Wednesday, April 15, 2009

discharged shirt

Marc needed a few more shirts to wear at the shows so I discharged two shirts and overdyed them. This red one turned out nice but the other one I overdyed with a blue that just did nothing for the shirt so I overdyed it with intense blue and have it batching now.

I went to guild last night and our program was the crayon challenge blocks we made. Mine was so ugly, I had chosen the colors of brown and grey and the colors just looked terrible together. Most of the gals blocks had some great color combinations. Needless to say I won the ugliest block award which was a nice piece of fabric that had sayings of what quilter's really think.


  1. LOVE the discharged shirt! The red overdye was perfect.

  2. LOL at the ugly block award, sorry. I was wondering how you'd be able to make anything nice out of those two colours.

    I love the shirt did it ever turn out nice.