Saturday, May 2, 2009

swaps and cops

Today I spent alot of time outdoors for a change, I got to see my grandson play football, help cut some of our grass and also started to take apart this platform that was the start to a playhouse for the grandkids but we decided to take it down and move it over to the pool for a deck instead of just using the ladder. We did some running to and while I was on a main road on the other side of the lake, (I was going to Lowe's) there are two turning lanes to go down this one road, one lane is for turning into Lowe's only where the other lane was to go straight after the turn, anyways I was in the lane to turn into Lowe's I had my turn signal and was just waiting for the light to turn, there was a cop behind me and I told Marc there is a cop behind me watch he pulls me over after I get into Lowe's parking lot we just laughed since I didn't do anything wrong. Sure enough after I got in the parking lot the lights went on so I pulled over, the young officer a state boy came over to my window and asked if I knew what he pulled me over for, I said no, he told me my license plates had expired in JAN. I said what? Marc started to get out of the car to look and the cop told him to stay in the car, he let me off with a warning and told me it would be an $85 fine if he gave me a ticket so I was lucky, we had never gotten a notice in the mail and was really surprised the plate expired, he then went on to tell me I should have my seat belt buckled properly which I had and I looked down and pulled it to show it was on right. He asked if I had any questions so I asked if he wanted to come over and finish cutting our grass, he just laughed and said no. I tried, we keep approximately 50 acres cut and we only touched a small portion today.

This piece is for an under over swap in my dyeing group, where I took textured items and place them under my fabric and rolled thickened dye on the fabric to get the yellow and orange colors for the turquoise color I should of thickened it more it seemed to run a little while batching, the red I used an old potato masher and stamped thickened dye on it also but it should of been a little thicker also.
This is a color run for a swap in my dyeing group I used Pro Chem's hollandaise and Grateful Dyes lavender. I like the colors I got mixing the two.


  1. I really like the colour run Judi and I need to work on the over under as well, thanks for posting that so know I have an idea of how it works. I've been putting off working with the dyeing lately doing the baby knitting instead.

  2. I love the printed swap piece! Who ever gets that should be happy! Also love the color run. 50 acres of mowing, yikes! Happy summer!