Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sewing and more sewing

Yesterday my evening guild had a workshop where we had Vi from Quality Quilting come. We made these cute table toppers. This table topper was made by our guild president.

This one is mine, Vi had brought some kits with her and I just fell in love with the penguins so I choose it. Today I quilted it and also did some machine embroidery in the middles. Here is a close up of the machine embroidery.
My daughter and I have been taking the kids to the beach and I thought she needed a beach bag to put all their stuff in. With all the sand the pet screen was the best thing to use for this but it was really hard to find. I finally found some and went shopping for some fabric. Here is the finished bag.


  1. Very cute topper....I like the embroidered center.

  2. Nice topper Judi, looking ahead I see. The bag is really nice as well, looks like it will hold a lot of stuff in it.

  3. This looks hard. I only do art quits and know nothing about piecing....great job!