Thursday, October 15, 2009

Haunted House Quilt

Is the sun ever going to come out again. We have had cold, damp rainy days here for about a week now. We have received 7 inches of rain so far and they are calling for a little more.

Today I finished the Bachelor Button Quilt I got the binding on it, I also worked on this Halloween Quilt, I call it Haunted House Quilt. I got all 16 blocks made for it and tomorrow I will piece them together and add a border. I'm trying to decide between a solid black border or the one in the pictures below that has spiderwebs on it. Any suggestions?


  1. Oh Judi I love your quilt. The spiderweb fabric looks fantastic as a border. On the other hand, how would you quilt the border? If you'd quilt spiderwebs on the plain black border it would be just as great. I admire your productivity.

  2. I like the spiderwebs...this quilt is really cute.