Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweatshirt Jacket

This is a sweatshirt jacket I'm making my mom for Christmas, she doesn't have a computer so I can put this here. I still have the binding to sew down and also some buttons to get and put on. I have used 3 different machines to make this, it seems like everything breaks at the same time but I think I can get them all fixed without to many headaches. I used a bali pop for the patchwork, I did prewash the sweatshirt and fabric before hand. Have you ever washed a bali pop? I sure don't recommend it they get all tangled up in a ball and you have untangle them before ironing and I had some good creases in them even after I ironed them. I think it turned out pretty good even with all the machine problems. I hope she likes it and it fits.


  1. Simply wonderful Judi, I wish I had a daughter like you that would make me such beautiful stuff.

  2. Love your jacket and in my fav color--purple! I know she will love it!

  3. After hearing about your experience washing the Bali Pop I think I would make a sheet of the patchwork and then wash it before incorporating it into the jacket!