Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internet Woes

You are all probably all tired of me talking about my internet problems. We had a problem with our dish and they sent a kid out to fix it, well he broke something and said we had antiquated equipment and should upgrade. It's $49 for the equipment and another $199 for install Hughes Net doesn't do upgrades for free, I can't see paying the extra for the upgrade especially since the kid broke the dish. They sent out an experience tech and he had us up and running in about 2 hours when the kid was here for 6 hours and didn't do anything but break the system. I'm back on line, I've been snowdyeing t shirts and now I am doing some longarm quilting for others.

We are having a heatwave here in central MO, our temps rose to 52 yesterday and is suppose to be in the mid 40's for the next week. I am so glad the freezing below 0 temps are gone and hoping spring is on it's way soon.

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