Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fabrics, more fabrics and starting another quilt

I have been working on dyeing fabric this week the first picture is of some uglies I had laying around and I had some dyes in the frig I needed to use up so I just dumped the dyes on the fabric, when I went to iron them I realized they were sateen and I really like the way these turned out I think if I was trying to get these pieces this way there is no way they would of turned out right.

I was running short on oranges so here are a few and the reds from my previous post.

some neutrals and browns

more browns and some greys

grey fat quarter bundles

more grey fat quarters and some neutrals.

some browns that I fan folded and poured different colors of brown on.

I started another quilt this one is one of Judy Laquidara's from her book Weekend Quilts, the name of the quilt is Winter Break, I'm working on it when I'm done dyeing for the day and caught up with all my ironing so it may take me a awhile to get it done.

Today's accomplishments included dyeing 20 yards of fabric plus 14---10x10 pieces of velvet, these will all get washed out tomorrow and when I get caught up with the ironing I'll share pics again.


  1. Beautiful fabrics and quilt! Don't know how you do it Judi,,but I love the results you get . You stay so busy and dye so much fabrics. lol! Then make and quilt quilts..makes me tired just thinking about it. LOL!!