Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the perfect red??

I was reading on someone's blog can't remember whose that they were trying to get a good red, I tried what they suggested fuschia, mixing red and some basic brown. I really didn't like what I got for a red it was to pink for me maybe I didn't get the right amount of brown mixed in it.
So I tried a mixture of basic red and mixing red and a little basic brown. I think it worked pretty good I would of liked it to be a little brighter but I really like this for a red but will keep playing to get just what I'm looking for.


  1. i get a richer red if i paint golden yellow first. then the red. i am a painter of transparent textile inks, paints, and do it very wet so it goes all the way through my fabric using the same stuff i started with decades ago. hey, that fushia will come in handy someday!looks yummy to me

  2. Wonder if you added black instead of brown if it would give you what your looking for? Might make it more burgandy color though. Love the results but I agree the fuschia looks pink. Beautiful color though!Did you mix equal amounts of the reds? Might need more of the mixing red than fuschia. I'm just guessing here,,lol!

  3. For a real red I would mix fuchsia with sun yellow or deep yellow....about 60% fuchsia and 40% yellow. But I actually like Light Red more than Fuchsia because the fuchsia strikes so fast that I sometimes get gold/orange spots if I don't squish up the fabric enough after the dye is poured on. I get a more even color with light red.