Sunday, October 31, 2010

My week in review

I got back to quilting on Wednesday and quilted quilts for clients. Here are the ones I did:
This quilt was just a piece of brown fabric with brown flannel on the back she wanted the Popcorn panto with white thread on it. She said it will have white binding and that's it. Simple but nice.

This is a baby quilt made by the same gal. She always wants to see the quilting so she wanted red thread on this Winnie the Pooh quilt. Below is the back side.

This quilt here was made by a gal for her neighbors. She wanted me to put the binding on it so I tried doing it with the longarm. Not as hard as you would think, now I need to figure out how to charge for this.

This quilt was for a quilt shop, I really like the batiks in this one I was surprised to see the pink go so well with the rest of the fabric.

This quilt is also for the local quilt shop, they are donating for auction for the Fireman's Ball. I'm doing this one at no charge I really like the panto she picked for this one it's called Rita's Feathers. Below is the back side.

I have one more quilt to do and I will be all caught up again. This was what kept me busy this week how about you?


  1. You have been quite busy! That first one is going to look very elegant.

  2. Wow! Simply awesome Judi, the quilts and quilting are marvellous and I can't get over how much you accomplish in one week, you're my hero in that regard.

  3. Judi, Your quilting is wonderful. And you are the most prolific person I know. How you get so much done is beyond me!

  4. I very much enjoyed seeing your quilting on the longarm. That popcorn pattern is very cool!