Tuesday, October 26, 2010

rugs and paint sticks

Well Sunday I spent 4 hours in the er on morphine for pain my diverticulitis acted up but before going to the er I had played with paint sticks. Today I got back to work and the paint was dry so I heat set it and added borders. I really like these new stencils I have and the way the paint sticks work with them.
  It was a quick little table topper and only needs to be quilted now.

I finished a rug the other day but for some reason I can't post a picture of it, but I did start on another one. I really like these rag rugs fun and really don't take long to make.

I also loaded a quilt on the longarm today, it's the largest one I have ever done. This quilt is 115x115 and I hope to get it quilted tomorrow. I'm still taking things slow but I really do need to get back to work.

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  1. That topper is cute. I bought some paint sticks several years ago but really haven't done anything with them, just a little practicing. Wonder how they will be to quilt.