Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ufo, client's quilt and mandalas

Finally the weather has turned and we are having a few beautiful days with temps climbing into the 70's and 80's tomorrow. Sure we are suppose to get some rain and maybe even some storms but I would much rather have that then the snow we had the other day. Yes on Monday we had 7" of snow but the ground was warm and it melted quickly. Today I got some fabric on the barrel letting it rust for a few days perfect weather for that.

This quilt belongs to a client, I did cross hatching behind the bunnies and a loopy ribbon on the sashing. This quilt is for my client's great grand baby.

I talked about this ufo the other day. I got the entire quilt top done now. I really like the way this quilt turned out. I thought about doing some custom work on it but I did a paisley overall pattern instead with it being so busy.
The following are more mandalas I did the other day. The last two are regular snowdyed pieces. After doing the mandalas and seeing all the awesome texture in them I like them alot more then just the regular snowdyes.

SDM 155

SDM 156

SDM 157

SDM 158

SDM 159

SDM 160




  1. Your quilt turned out beautiful!

  2. I really like your snowdye work. sdm159 has very nice effects.