Friday, March 11, 2011

working in the studio

I have been busy in the studio the last few days but I can't share what I have been doing as of yet. Here are a few of the snowdyed mandalas  I did the other day.  We are experiencing some beautiful 70 degree days and will continue to get some great weather for the next week or so. The farmers almanac says we are suppose to get 23 inches of snow at the end of this month I sure hope not. I am really enjoying this beautiful weather being able to open the windows and air out the house and studio and also just enjoying some time outside.\
These mandalas will all be for sale at quilt shows. If you have questions please leave me an email so I can answer you I'm not ignoring you just don't have an email to contact you. The next few day I will be working on clients quilts.

SDM 146
SDM 147
SDM 148
SDM 149
SDM 150
SDM 151
SDM 152
SDM 153
SDM 154

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  1. Beautiful fabrics! Love SDM 151 ! Thanks for sharing.