Saturday, April 23, 2011


Here's my granddaughter in the dress I made for her. She wanted one like her apron this is very similar to it. She thought the front was a little low on her so I told her to untie and retie the shoulder straps and it fit great. I still think it is a little long but she will be growing and she loves it and wants more. lol

Today I will be getting the last of everything together to put in the trailer. We leave in the morning for Paducah, this is my last year to vend in Paducah, the cost of traveling, hotels and even booth fees have gone up and that not even the cost of fabric and everything else that has gone up. This will be your last chance to get my fabric in Paducah.


  1. Cute dress!!! Have fun in Paducah....that show has to be fabulous!

  2. You can see how much she loves it in the photo.
    And what a GREAT style for a growing little girl!

  3. Cutie!!! Have fun in Paducah, have a great show!