Monday, April 25, 2011

The Show Will Go ON!!!!!!

The show will go on. The guys in the first picture are getting ready to close the floodgates. With the gates closed it will hold up to 63 feet of water back the river is to go up to 58 feet. Closing the flood-walls means the Civic Center has to be evacuated and everything moved out. The quilts are moved to the Pavilion aka the bubble or marshmallow. The vendors that were in the Pavilion are being moved to the closed Circuit City Store by the mall. The downtown area is NOT being effected, so if your coming to the show please come downtown to the Finkle Building we are opened. The great restaurants downtown are also opened. The food tent with the boy scouts great strawberry shortcake is being moved to the parking lot across from the Museum. The museum is still opened it is not being effected by the flooding. As I said DOWNTOWN IS NOT BEING AFFECTED Please come shop and eat.

The gates are closed.

These next few pictures  are of my booth. Each time I end up setting up different.  I do have 150 snowdyed mandalas for sale. I also have only a few adjustable ironing boards. Come see me in the Finkle Building


  1. Everything looks great! Glad you didn't have to move. Those mandalas will sell like hotcakes! Have fun.

  2. Everyting looks great. It mustbe a lot of work to set it all up. Good luck. Wish i was there - bit far to travel from Oz

  3. Oh Lord, what a hassle! Your booth looks great! I hope you sell out of everything.

  4. Good Luck Judi! I hope you have excellent sales this week!