Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stacked Posie Supreme, Pole Dyeing

I have lots of pictures to share today. I worked on the stacked posie supreme quilt today and have all but one border to put on before quilting. The blocks are so much fun to make but all the borders get boring. I have this laying across my longarm you can see all but one row of bocks.

As promised here are the final results from the pole dyeing. I was really surprised at the peach and blues, I was expecting more brown and I think these would be great for sky pieces. The yellows turned out nice and bright and the browns/red browns also turned out great. The green started as yellow and blue and I wasn't happy when I first saw it but after ironing I can see the streaks of blue coming through the green.



blue and yellow

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  1. The stacked posies supreme turned out really nice Judi and I think the reds and browns are my favorite also.