Friday, July 23, 2010

alot going on today

Some snowdyed velvet and a t shirt both done the same color.

I started another small quilt, I got half of it cut our yesterday and the rest today, I then started piecing the blocks, I got 10 done out of the 56 I need. The name of this quilt is called Autumn Crossing by Jo Morton.

Here is a new sign I had made, I'm going to hang this out by the road and hope to get some new customers.
Here are the pictures of the rusted fabric I did the other day, today I got them all washed , ironed and labeled ready to sell.


  1. Love the soft look you have going with your little blocks...this will be a darling little quilt! More great fabric...stay cool!

  2. By the way, did you get my zucchini bread recipe I emailed to you?

  3. It all looks good Judi. I love the blocks and the sign is divine it really looks good, very professional looking so it should inspire confidence in future customers.

    The rust material really turned out well it should sell well.