Saturday, July 24, 2010


These are the snowdyes pieces I did yesterday. I used a black dye and this is how it separated.

snowdyed velvet using black dye
snowdyed t shirt using black dye.
snowdyed fabric using leaf green

Today I did snowdye more t shirts and velvet also did some more of the dry soda technique only one yard since I want to see how a bigger piece does, last time I did a fat quarter and loved how it turned out.

I now have half (28)  the blocks made for the Autumn Crossing quilt a couple more days and I should have them all done.


  1. I love your results! That velvet looks good enoough to eat!

    Just curious though - what is the dye soda technique?


  2. With the two black snow dyed pieces, the velvet and t-shirt, did you use the same black dye on both of those pieces? You don't have to tell me which black, but was just wondering if they both came from the same black, I would think not, but then I can't under estimate the power of your dyeing abilities!

  3. Wonderful Judi, I like the green probably because I don't do much green myself. The velvet looks scrupmtious.

  4. Wow! Judi--what black dye did you use? I'll have to get some! I love how it separated ...