Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is some fabric I dyed for a client. I think they turned out fairly close to what the picture looks like of what she wanted.

This is a 3 yard piece of rusted fabric that I put around my husbands burn barrel. It is wet and still needs to be washed out.The rest of the rusted  fabric will be washed tomorrow and I hope to share pictures with you then.
This is a snowdyed t shirt yes in 115 degree heat index I still snowdye. I choose to make my own snow in the summer months. I only use one color dye when I snowdye.

This is a piece of snowdyed velvet I tossed in with the tshirt. I really like the way the velvet dyes up.
This caterpillar was on my rose's sharon bush, I don't know if it's a good one or not so I had my husband take it off the bush and move it into a field as we stood there and was watching it in the field two male deer showed up. One was skiddish and took off right away the other posed for a picture even wagged his tail before taking off.


  1. have been busy! Lots of pretty fabric waiting to be sewn up! Hope you are staying cool!

  2. The shirt and scarf are really yummy I so love those colours. Deer looks cute but don't know if they're pests or not.