Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dyeing, charty quilt, baking, rusting, mail

It sure has been busy around here the last few days. I had a couple zucchini's in my frig I needed to do something with so I made these two loaves of bread. Thanks to my facebook friends for the recipe, I had this one recipe I used for the last 20 some years but when I went to use I just couldn't find it. These were okay but not as good as the old recipe. One gal sent me her chocolate zucchini bread recipe and I have never heard of that before and was a little leery of trying it. Maybe next time.

Yes this is exactly what it looks like. I snowdyed 4 t shirts and 4 small pieces of velvet today. Being 95 today with a heat index of 105 I choose to use the  make my own snow method on these. I'll post pics tomorrow of the final after washout.
I have a client that was wanting a special order of handdyes made for her this is a 1 3/4 yard piece that should work great for the project she has in mind. This is one side and the next picture is the other side of the fabric.

A few of you had asked me to post a picture of the fabric I had sitting on the new table I used. This the fabric, it is 109" by 2 yards it will be used for my client's backing on her quilt when she makes it.

These two pieces are also for my client, the gold looks great in this picture but the picture of  the blue/green shows mostly the blue but in actuality it is mainly green the picture color is way off. I still have one more piece of fabric batching and then I will be done with this order.
Today in the mail I received Jane Dunnewold new book. I have only had time to flip through it but it really looks like it will be a great addition to my library.

This quilt is the Cowboy quilt I made for Downy's Quilt For Kids Program. I finished the princess one that they sent me a kit and they ask if you will make another one to send back I dug in my stash and found this kit. I'm sure some little sick boy will love this flannel quilt. I dyed the back of it to mach the blue on the top. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the back.

Today I also rusted fabric, I did about 6 yards, 3 yards were put around the burn barrel and the other 3 or so yards wad put into fat quarters and used with small rusty pieces. They are batching now and tomorrow I will do the rinse out and hope to share pics with you.


  1. Wow, you are always so busy! I wish I could get half of the things done that you do in one day! When you've had a chance to look more closely at Jane Dunnewold's book, give us a review from a dyer's perspective. I haven't ordered it yet, but it's on my wish list.

  2. It all looks marvellous Judi, I especially love the green and blue colours as I'm partial to them.