Monday, December 13, 2010

Reindeer Placemats

I had seen on the internet somewhere where you take kids footprints and hand-prints and make a reindeer out of them. The person who did it had made a pillow but I decided to make place mats for my grandkids. I had asked their mother to send me a print of each of their hands and foot. I received them in the mail and thought what the heck is this for then I remembered. Today I made these place mats while I did rinse-out for the flannel quilt backs. Yes I am still working on them but I do have one loaded on the longarm and the other 3 ready to be longarm quilted. Back to the place mats, I quilted these with an echo quilting around the deer the meandered the rest, I did quilt each child's name on the place mats with the longarm. These will make a great remembrance for them and their mom.
                                                      Trevor age 10                Kaycee age 6
                                                   Ryan age 4                      Justin age 2


  1. Very cute!!! I just saw them done by someone around here recently. When I taught kindergarten, we had the kids use hands and feet to make construction paper reindeer decorations and they loved doing that!

  2. These are so cute! I wish my children were young enough to do these.

  3. How clever! What a great gift too!

  4. So cool! The grandkids will love them.
    Karen P

  5. What a neat idea Judi, thanks for sharing :)